I am a tactful, analytical, detail-oriented person. I am restless, with an active imagination and a keen intellect. I overvalue intellect against feelings. Some people may label me ‘weird’ because I hum a different tune which most of them have not even heard of.

I can come off shy at first, but a fiery personality is just waiting to emerge under the surface. I listen to everyone’s advice. But in the end, I follow my mind and conscience. I am too strident in my beliefs, despite the fact that I accept criticism with magnanimity.

My personality is developing so frequently that some people find it difficult to cope up with it. I like to be myself and I enjoy being different. I have a vibrant, expansive personality that is free like a bird, it cannot be contained.

I do not set myself up to fail. When working on something, I make sure I am done it perfect. I have a hard time concentrating as I think about every single scenario possible before having a desicion. My mind tends to work in a very logical and rational manner.


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